Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, 11th January: Day 11

Well, a day of slow progress in all areas today (a bit like walking in custard really) but progress nonetheless!

I haven't anything to 'show' per-sey for today yet, but some important groundwork has been done.

Today's achievements:

* Applied to the Guinness World Records to see if my record attempt idea and fundraiser are something they want to support (VERY scary process, but worth an ask - worst they can do is say 'no' - but I'm hoping they'll like the idea as much as we do!)

* Began work on my dream board.
This is something I've been too long thinking about and now must absolutely become physical.
I had THE most amazing experience last month - a (free) one hour workshop in self-discovery with the wonderful Helen Collins (Which I would whole-heartedly recommend to absolutely EVERYONE!) and the dream board is something we identified as an exercise that will be good for me.
It's an exercise that locks in with the "Law of Attraction", the principal of which is discussed in the very excellent movie "The Secret" which can be streamed online for free (Megavideo carry multiple versions and we've always found them to be very reliable and use them regularly)

* Began a poster for the new, afternoon knit club and another for the crafters day
(both at the Cultural Quarters, Thursdays from 14.00 and January 26th respectively)

...and for a final offering, I managed to snap, by chance, this very cute picture of Kleo and Christophe watching a documentary together earlier on.

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