Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, 13th January: Day 13

Another splendiferous day down at The Cultural Quarters. Started work on a custom draught excluder for the main door. After which, I'm going to attempt a scarf in the O'Rourke tartan for Al (he's going to find a picture for me to work from.

At the same time, over the next few days, when I get my 8mm needles back (Olivia is borrowing them for the weekend - graduated to completely knitting on her own this afternoon, across the room no less!) I'm going to start work on an Aran Style jumper in machine washable (mixed fibre) yarn as a reward for our "Fund It" entry.

Will post pics of the draught excluder in a wee while.

In other news, I'm pleased and proud as punch that my suggestion of a name was one of the ones picked up for Irish Dogs For The Disabled's latest litter of puppies!

Meet Farah, three weeks and one day old today:

(this image belongs to Irish Dogs For The Disabled)

...namesake of Farah, who will be 12 next Tuesday:

(and this image is mine.)
This one was taken last Dec 25th.
Farah is herself, a retiree from the UK Guide Dogs programme, where she should've been a brood bitch, but was retired early due to a medical condition.
Her smile is in anticipation of getting to unwrap her present (pigs' ears)


  1. Farah is sooo cute and your Blog is Fabulous! and makes great reading. Enjoying following you on your journey your truly one of life's survivors
    helping to spread the word in this universe...keep going..sending you lots of encouragement.xx

  2. Awwwww you big old sweetie! - and thanks again for the lovely flowers while I've been poorly! xx :D