Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday, 12th January: Day 12

Well, what a fabulous day we've had today!

We started on a high - an email from the Open University to say that Christophe will get the full amount of credit transfer from his old university when he starts with OU next month.

Today also saw the inaugural meeting of the new, supplementary knit & crochet club at the Cultural Quarters today. (by the way, I think I gave you the link to the blog wrongly in a previous post, that link again is:

The Knotty Knitters (Tuesdays from 11.00 in Ballinamore Library) are still going from strength to strength, but with the advent of the supplementary club on a Thursday afternoon, anyone who goes to the Yoga class, or who has teenies in toe etc, now also has the option of the drop-in/out on your own schedule sessions on a Thursday afternoon.
Don't let a lack of needles/yarn slow you down either - we can loan spares to beginners.

Here's a shot of our newest (and youngest) member, Olivia, daughter of our lovely Project Leader, sporting the hat she made this afternoon (She made the band of the hat herself and had minimal help with the crown) when she tried out knitting for the very first time today.
The colours are of her own design too - she worked in four colours over 8mm needles, with contrasting stitching in lilac and the tassle in black.

Well done Olivia!

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