Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twenties Bucket List (as at 23.27 on 31/12/11)

* Goal - Raise €500 Euro for Dogs For The Disabled Ireland (D4D)
NOTE: Have begun work on this already by putting AdSense on this blog
any monies raised will be forwarded to them.

* Undertake a 365 craft project - a photographic and short journal record of each day's creative work
(this will act as a confidence bolster and help me to learn, grow, share and focus.

* Take steps to improve the pretty much frozen state of my career as a perfomer

* Finish my Rosetta Stone Course As Gailge and be at least fully conversant, if not fluent by the end of the year.

* Take this year's work on bio rhythms and routines to the next level - be more comfortably "on he wagon" with FlyLady (10 years on the programme this year)

* Successfully complete this year of Uni

* Find a sponsor for next year of Uni

* Get to the next step for paralympic swimming process

* Get some more use out of my qualifications - especially my Teaching Certificate

* Get over my confidence issue with singing

* Increase the levels of beauty, creativity and music in our lives

* Pass my driving license before my provisional expires in May.

* CHALLENGE myself even more every day

Rules of the Game

It's just occurred, some small amount of housekeeping is in order.

Sad that such things are necessary - and I'm aware that it only applies to a small minority (thankfully) who need such things, but here we go...

The Rules of the Game are:

* Keep it clean & nice please!
- I DELIBERATELY maintain a U-PG rating as far as possible in all of my online activity, partly as a connection to my children, who while they're far away, might just be reading this.
Also I have some friends who find use of language aggressive, not just an indicator of low intelligence.
Language is therefore one of the very few things that I will edit for (I don't generally believe in censorship - hence there's only few things I edit).

* The other thing that will not be tolerated in this space is hate in any form
- so extremists of all paths THIS IS YOUR FAIR WARNING: This space is open, warm, welcoming and maintained in a spirit of gentleness and peace - if you feel you're going to have trouble respecting this, don't come any further.

Square One

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

If you answered anywhere along the scale from "Eeeeep!" to "What AM I thinking?" then you're just about on the money.

my Darling Love, Christophe has extended a challenge in two parts to me.

The first part is here, today - now in fact, as it's currently 21.52 on Saturday, 31st December 2011.
It's going to sound a simple task, but part one is to celebrate Gregorian New Year with him.
So here I am, Baileys in hand, compiling my list of resolutions for the first time in 11 years, since I resolved never to make any more resolutions and to stop commemorating the date pope Gregory decided to get time and space into (his) order.

I was flitting about on Facebook earlier (as we all do when uninspired and thinking round things if we're honest) trying to think how to begin and my friend, Music World Radio's ( own DJ Destiny, posted an image that for me, pretty much summons up the decade, Hel - the century so far. It was this one (caption is PG for language):

Cute little lass isn't she?

Well, ths was me at this point in 2007. The last four years have been (in short) a sort of process of hibernating and putting the pieces back together, including an International move in the January of 2009, following the fabled "Call" of Ireland.

Three years down the line, it's time to re-emerge, stronger and better than ever before.

"So what's new?" You might well be asking. Well, for me, this year - all bets are off!
You see, I've just turned 29 two weeks ago.

Don't panic - I have absolutely NO problem with 30 - this is not going to descend into a messy, cliched, nervous breakdown - in fact, in due course, I'm rather looking forward to 30.

No, my issue is 29! Beyond the births of my precious three children, (none of whom are with me now) the twenties have thus far been, for the most part, an exhausted stumble from one heartbreak and crisis to the next. So now, it's my task, with these last 50 weeks, to emerge from my hibernation and truly define this decade for myself, the people who matter to me and for my children. - To set myself up to step into 30 in much better shape and ready for everything!

There are some things I've already decided I want to do as sideline quests this year, but I'm hoping to also collect more as we go along.
I'm still really not quite at home with this "New Year" thing, so rather than resolutions (I understand about 2/3 of those get broken within the first fortnight of January anyhow) I'm just going to dub them my Twenties Bucket List (the things I want to do before I'm 30) - some will be big, some will be little, but all will be productive and all will add to the adventure.

The list itself, however, is likely to need another Baileys and a wee bit more consultation with my sweetie, so I'll sign off for now and post that up in a bit.

Ooooo - should add as a PS: I'm enabling that AdSense thingie on this blog - I know, ads drive us all crackers, but one of the things I'm definitely decided on is I want to raise at least €500 for Dogs For The Disabled Ireland (D4D) this year and any revenues I might at some point in the future get from this, I plan to donate straight over to them, so I hope you'll be able to put up with some sidebar ads for this fabulous cause!