Monday, March 19, 2012

February & March-to-date round-up

A lot of things happened through February and March - for one thing, we both had flu, followed by a big audition each. (Turns out Christophe was too tall for his audition and I've not had the result of mine back yet) So a lot of things have got so that I can't keep an accurate tally on individual projects and crafts and that is why they're no longer being kept track of in the sidebar.

However, the Murder Mystery became a big focus for February and March, so I thought you guys would like to see a photo of the wonderful cast:

The evening was a great success and raised €80 each for The Cultural Quarters (who also kindly hosted the rehearsals and performance) and D4D.

We were very lucky to have a personal appearance by some of the Melia family who's elder boy, Luke, is already in a partnership with D4D's Aidan, a five-year-old Golden Retriever.

Here we see both Luke and brother Oisin solving the crime in the "buffet car" of the Disoriented Express.

While we're about it, in case you're not already familiar, Luke and Oisin have been excluded from school since January because of Luke's partnership with Aidan.

You can learn all about the story of this idiotic, unnecessary and UNJUST case (in my humble opinion it boils down to certain adults bullying this child on the basis of his disability - but you should read and make your own minds up) by checking out:


...but, to better things - Two new FUNdraisers are beginning to take shape. More on this shortly!

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