Monday, March 19, 2012

A brand new FUNdraiser!

I always did like maths.

last night I sat down and worked out that, if we take the €85 raised so far since the project began, that I wasa going to be about €160 behind by the end of the year.

Now, the Guinness people rejecting the World Record Attempt (on grounds of being "too specialised", which is fair enough) meant there was one less fundraiser this quarter, but even so, behind is behind.

As it stands, I worked out that I need to be raising €10.93 a week for the rest of the challenge period in order to hit the target. That's an achievable amount still, but I'd rather get ahead fairly quickly.

I do have a small, quick FUNdraiser in the works (more on that when it's ready to go - don't want to spoil the surprise!) but in the meantime, we've kicked off a larger-scale project that's going to last until June.

We've managed to secure permission to "Yarnbomb" a building for Worldwide Knit in Public Day (Tuesday, 12th June)

In keeping with the spirit of more traditional 'yarnbombing' the location will not be revealed until the time, but, as we're doing this to raise money for good causes, we have made particularly sure to get permission of the current building manager.

This is a chance to get involved and help to fantastic causes: Dogs For The Disabled, Ireland & The Cultural Quarters.


Here's how to play:

* Knit, or crochet (or any other yarn-craft for that matter - we already have a needlefelter on board!) a piece (or as many pieces as you like) - squares, triangles, and rectangles are good shapes, but we'll take all comers (and all levels of ability)

* Measure your piece and donate 10c (€uro-cents) per square inch of work that you'd included. (Nearest metric equivalent would be 20 €uro-cents per 5 square centimetres) - ideally to the PayPal account we have put by for the project, but if you can't do PayPal, we'll sort something.

* Send in your piece(s) by Friday, 8th June for inclusion in the piece. (Message me for posting address). Remember to include a note with your email address on it.

What you will get out of it:

* A certificate of participation after the event and a photo of your work in-situ emailed to you (include your email of choice with your submission).

* A name credit online publicly thanking you for your participation.

* A warm, fuzzy feeling from helping two very deserving causes!

If you'd like to join in, you can join us:

* Yes, there's an event and a group - it's confusing I know - and that's my fault I'm afraid. I set it up as an event, but it's actually going to need a group to enable us to converse properly, add photos and tallies etc. - Sorry about that!

We're open for submissions as soon as you like, so come on in and join the fun if you can! - If you don't yarn craft, then please spread the word (and the group link) to as many people as you can think of - it's a pretty big building!

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